RE: “PHP Frameworks” Advantages and Disadvantages?

PHP framework is a basic platform to develop web application. Here, fully has the coding. It is a very popular script language.

Advantages of PHP framework,

  • Simple web application
  • No need to add the additional code
  • Protect the website from the security attacks
  • Here, web developers can add the PHP unit for the performance unit tests quickly and efficiently.

Disadvantages of PHP framework,

  • We need to learn the PHP framework. Because if we know the frameworks, we can enable programmers to add functionality to a web application.
  • We need to consider the quality of the framework.
  • Sometimes we can lack to modify the coding.
  • Affect the website performance and speed

Above I have mentioned the disadvantages and advantages, I hope you can understand that. If you need any further clarification about it, ask me. I will try to clear your clarification.

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