RE: How we can speed up our Website?

Hi ,If you really want to speed up your website, you need to focus on some important things I have mentioned some of the things here,

01)  Server
     1. Leverage browser caching
     2. Enable Keep-Alive
     3. Enable gzip compression
     4. Make landing page redirects cacheable
     5. Use a CDN
02)  Content elements
     1. Minimize redirects
     2. Remove query strings from static resources
     3. Specify a character set
     4. Minify your codes
     5. Avoid bad requests
     6.Serve resources from a consistent URL
03)  CSS, JS and Images
     1. Specify image dimensions
     2. Optimize images
     3. Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom

When I read this MOZ article I got more tips to speed up a website, Here I shared the article for your reference

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