RE: How voice search will affect SEO in 2020?

Yeah, of course, Now we are living technology world and we are very super fast peoples 😉 so we are expecting more and faster results. Therefore the voice search helps us when we compare our traditional searches. for that way, we can see the difference between voice & normal searches,

01)  Voice search has longer queries – we can use longer keywords on voice searches.


02) Voice search encourages natural language.


03) It will help local SEO very closely – The word “near me” is very popular for the mobile user. They ask about directions, mobile numbers and store locations through voice.


04) Google SERPS give a single answer for voice users – When we search on google in a single keyword it will show several results. But, when we ask a question using voice search Siri only giving one answer according to our query. So we can save our time and move further. 

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