RE: Google Search Console drops preferred domain setting!

Now we could see the difference while I’m searching. which means, Recently Google Search Console drops preferred domain setting! but we can add the canonical tag to avoid the duplicate content issues, after this update, the full version of domain (URL – https:/ worked, but Today I unable to see the www version of domain while I’m browsing any URLs. It seems, the www version has removed but if you can add the redirection code via .htaccess, we can see the full version of the domain, if you want to check that, please click on the URL again or copy the URL. then you can see the full version.

So, the difference is showing in Chrome

Note: they did remove the option of setting up a preferred version between www and non-www.  That option was in the Old Search Console.  It was determined that it is no longer needed.  As long as your redirects are set up properly, you don’t need that option.  

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