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You know one thing?, In 2018 Reddit was a third place in the rate of visitors arrivals after the google and youtube but many of the marketers are afraid of using Reddit for marketing. Because if we post any spamming content! yes, your account will be banned from Reddit.

You can post your content like Link, image, video and question format.
Here I have mentioned some points to get more comment and upvotes.

Post title: The basic Characters of title 120, to get better result you can use 60 to 80 Characters.

Post format: Post your content with questions, you can drive more comment and upvote to your post.

External link post: Post your content with links, external link generate better result better than text.

Be active: Put the comments and reply to posts.

Key Takeaways to post your content:
What is this
What are the
How do you
If you have

You hope you have got mt points if you need any clarification, contact me and share your thoughts as well. 

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