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– Mobile friendly
– Page speed optimization
– sitemap optimization

The above three things we already focused, but the search engine was released some new updates related to that topic. Which means, in earlier the Mobile friendly is an important factor but #ff0000;”>#ff0000;” href=””>March 26, 2018 Google has started to rollout  #ff0000;”>#ff0000;” href=””>Mobile first indexing. Because of the reason is nowadays most of the users are engaging with mobile instead of desktop version.  So, Google has updated the new Algo like that. this is the main reason we should focus on the mobile-friendly in 2018.

#ff0000;”>#333333;”>Regarding the speed optimization, It’s already there under the important factor, but now the Google will consider the major part in SEO and they guide us to give the high priority for this. that’s the main reason we should focus on it in 2018.

sitemap optimization: Creating a sitemap file is important of optimizing a website. But Recently Google has released the new version of GSC and beta version also. Google Search Console has been recently updated in the terms of #ff0000;”>#ff0000;” href=””>Index Coverage. After this update, If our website has any indexing coverage issues, we can easily check why our website isn’t index and why the problem was created. Then we can fix that problem and index the particular page via Sitemap. this is the specific reason to important of the sitemap file in 2018. 

Hope you can understand my whole points and still you have any further doubts, please ask me 🙂

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